966 50 91 01 - Carrer de San Antoni, 1, 03814 Alcoleja, Alicante secretaria@alcoleja.es

Local Services

Cadastral Information Point

Town hall of Alcoleja

C / San Antonio, 1
Tel: 966509101
Email: tec.alcoleja@hotmail.com

SCHEDULE: Friday from 10 to 14 hours. Necessary appointment.


The Services that can be accessed from the Cadastral Information Point are:

  1. Free consultation and electronic certification of unprotected cadastral data and digital cartography
  2. Consultation and electronic certification for the cadastral owners of the protected data, relating to the real estate of their ownership.
  3. Negative certification of immovable property or the fact that it does not appear as a cadastral holder, relative to the applicant itself.

– The applicant may authorize another person in writing by completing the attached form, which must be attached with a photocopy of the D.N.I.
– In any case, the applicant must identify with his D.N.I. Original at the time of the request, whether it acts in its own name or if it does so by authorization of the cadastral holder.
– The data to be consulted are those incorporated into the National Database of the Cadastre (all the national territory except the Basque Country and Navarre).
– The certificates issued by the Cadastral Information Points are fully valid and effective.
– The services are free.


Entering the Cadastre website: www.catastro.meh.es

Entering the Virtual Office of the Cadastre: www.sedecatastro.gob.es

Calling the Cadastre Hotline 902 37 36 35

Ask at the City Hall.

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