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Casa Rural Llar d’Aitana


Calle Nueva, 17. 03814 Alcoleja



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Beatriz says: “La Llar d’Aitana was the home of my parents and my grandparents, where I was born and raised, like so many families, I migrated to the city, for me it was a cut with the world of the people who never assimilate Then the house, used only as a summer refuge, fell into inevitable disuse.

Always keep the dream of returning to the house, and every time I went with friends to visit the village and praised the beauty of the place, I knew that once I recovered the house, I would also share it with other people. Once I clinched professionally, I decided to carry out my dream.

I undertook the work of restoring the house, seeking to take advantage of all its possibilities

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Casa Rural Llar d’Aitana

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